Modern Sales Co-op acknowledges the contribution and importance of its vendors and provides opportunities in an environment where a mutually beneficial relationship can grow.

  Partner with a Financially Responsible, Recognized Leader
Modern Sales Co-op is a recognized leader in the aftermarkets community and a financially responsible, recognized leader committed to the financial success of all parties involved.
  Increased Business Opportunities
Modern Sales Co-op vendors have access to hundreds of member locations, opening the door to new and potential customers all across Canada.
  A Focus on Long Term Relationships
Read what some of our vendors have to say about Modern Sales Co-op’s dedication to long term relationships.

Modern Sales Co-op is founded on the basis of “Integrity in Execution”. Highlighting the Modern Sales Co-op mission,

“Our objective is to be recognized as a fair and committed company that treats its vendors, customers, and staff, fairly and with respect... In all of our interactions with our customers, business associates and colleagues, we seek to deal with others as we would have them deal with us. Our success depends on our total commitment and support of Modern Sales Co-op vendors, staff and fellow members...”

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Vendor Benefits

  • Partnership
  • Increased Business Opportunities
  • Long Term Business Relationship

"Dealing with the management of Modern Sales Co-op has been a pleasurable experience because of their integrity and fairness in their evaluation process of our Supplier lines. They provide excellent direction and leadership to their members and to their Modern Sales Co-op associates/employees."
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